Çeksan executes an integrated management system that combines essential values which are quality, environmental care, occupational health and safety.

Quality is always one of our main characteristics since Ceksan was founded. Approach to excellence in Çeksan Shipyard starts before signing contracts and extends to after delivery. So every stage of processes is controlled by our team of experts for our customers to maintain continuous high degree of quality. Until today, all new building projects were delivered in time as a result of success in organization. In conclusion Çeksan has been accredited with ISO 9001 certificate since 2003.

Environmental care is another essential value for Çeksan Shipyard. We are aware of our environmental responsibilities. Because of that, our primary concern is to get maximum efficiency with minimum waste product in whether field or office activities. Besides, all wastes produced in the shipyard, are disposed according to codes and regulations plus all emissions are kept under control.

Çeksan also offers far lower noise and vibration in its products. After practising and gained experience over years our vessels provide home comfort to their crew. Results of noise and vibration tests carried out in our products show that we achieve to lower noise till 48 dB in hospitals and accommodations where IMO rules is 60 dB. Çeksan also has been accredited with ISO 14001 certificate in 2010.

We are aware that our activities are classified as hazardous. Therefore, occupational health and safety has always high priority in our works and are undertaken with maximum consciousness to avoid occupational accidents and disease. Therefore we have been accredited with OHSAS 18001 certificate.

All our efforts were awarded with Golden Anchor as the best shipyard of year in 2007 by a delegation formed together with academic, governmental and commercial branches of Turkish maritime industry.

Our Safety Certificates