Çeksan is one of the most reputable and reliable shipyard in the Republic of Turkey with a leading position within production, repairing and conversion of small and mid sized vessels. As performing an active role in shipbuilding industry over 50 years, the company built more than 70 vessels in wide scope from basic barges to sophisticated ferries and chemical tankers in any class and type. Over the years in both new building and repairing services, Çeksan achieved total satisfaction of its worldwide customers by success in organization with vast experience and know-how that providing tailor made solutions ended with delivery in time for all.

Along with continual investments on innovation and technology, today Çeksan is equipped by facilities allows that building and repairing of vessels up to 25.000 DWT and docking up to 15.000 DWT in certain dimensions with steel processing capacity for 7.500 tons per year. 

Thereinafter under guidance of customer oriented policies, Çeksan Shipyard will continues being a powerful ally for its customers to built future projects of the seven seas within frame of total quality.




Çeksan Shipyard was founded in 1960 at Golden Horn of Istanbul by Mr. Habip BAYRAK. First, the company participated in marine business with construction and maintenance of small sized wooden and steel ships. Years after, Çeksan focused on construction of steel structures by re-organizing in 1979.

The Shipyard was moved to current location on Tuzla bay in 1986. In early 90’s Çeksan showed a considerable development and reached its current situation with continual efforts. Investments are being carried on to provide better services to our customers.

Since its establishment the Çeksan Shipyard has been being governed by the BAYRAK family. Today, third generation advances in marine business with expanding knowledge and experience of 50 years, like as a tradition passes to generations. .